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You can contact the Squire , the Secretary, the Treasurer, or the Musicians, by clicking on the appropriate link, or use the following form for general enquiries and comments. If you use the form then please remember to include your email address, or else we won't be able to respond.


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If you are interested in dancing, or playing with any of the morris sides on the Island then please get in contact with:-

The Wight Bells - Morris side.
Style: North West
Email: Secretary .
Website: The Wight Bells

The Oyster girls.
Style: North West and Isle of Wight.
Email: Contact The Oyster Girls.
Website: The Oyster Girls

Guith Carnival Morris.
Style: Cotswold.
Email: Contact Guith Carnival Morris..
Website: Guith Carnival Morris

Bloodstone Border Morris.
Style: Border.
Email: Contact Bloodstone Border Morris.
Website: Bloodstone Border Morris

The Island Cloggies.
Style: Traditional Clog Dance.
Email: Contact Island Cloggies.
Website: Island Cloggies

Men of Wight.
Style: Mainly Cotswold.
Email: Contact Men of Wight.
Website: The Men of Wight

Moonshine Border Morris.
Style: Border Morris.
Website: Moonshine Border Morris

Mr Baker's Dozen.
Style: Morris and Playford.
Email: Contact Mr Baker's Dozen.
Website: Mr Baker's Dozen

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